The Little Book of Flowers

The Little Book of Flowers

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(ages 6-10)

From vibrant dahlias to delicate hyacinths, this enchanting book opens a world of floral wonder for young explorers aged 6-10. This addition to My Little Library of Natural History introduces children to some of the world's most renowned flower varieties, providing intriguing insights into their coloring, petals, habitat, and significance in culture and ecology.

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Why your child will love it:
Go on hidden adventures: The book takes them on exciting expeditions to discover flower habitats and the amazing creatures that call them home.

Unravel the mysteries of petals: They will learn why daisies are so cheerful, why hydrangeas change color, and how bees help flowers bloom. The book answers curious questions and satisfies their thirst for knowledge in a fun and engaging way.
الكتاب أسئلة الأطفال الفضولیة والمعرفي بطریقة ممتعة وجذابة.

Become a nature detective: ُThey will look for hidden details, spot tiny insects, and identify different flower families. The book encourages observation, critical thinking, and a connection to the world around them.