Oogifant Rubber Toy

Oogifant Rubber Toy

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The Rubber Oogifant game features suction cups on both ends, so your child can enjoy sticking them repeatedly!
Let your child have fun and order it now from Jowla Store, a safe game from the Moluk collection.

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Oogifant Rubber Toy has suction cups on both ends, so it’s fun to stick over and over! Order Now!

Characterized by:

  • Suction cups on both ends allow to easily transform any ordinary object into an elephant!
  • To improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, manipulate and attach Oogifant to surfaces.
  • Oogifant’s unconventional qualities make it ideal for amusement and fun!
  • Ideal for all ages and genders! Discover Your child skills with suction cup fun!


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